Canada is the world’s second-biggest nation as per total area and the biggest North American nation. Overall, Canada is meagerly populated. The greater part of its territory zone being covered by backwoods and tundra. Therefore, the population of Canada is exceptionally urbanized, with more than 80 percent of its occupants gathered in medium-sized urban areas.

population of Canada 2019

Canada as a country has the 15th highest nominal per capita income and the 12th highest in the Human Development Index. Its propelled economy is the tenth-biggest on the planet, depending mostly upon its bounteous natural resources and widely developed international trade networks. Additionally, there are a large number of Asians living in Canada mostly Indians and Pakistanis. It is well evident with numerous Punjabi and also Kebab restaurants all over the country appealing to everyone with its amazing food.

Canada is well known for its Ice Hockey and this particular sport enjoys a high viewership across the country. It is the most successful sport in the global events for Canada. The people of Canada are extremely friendly to one other and one of the reasons why the crime rate is on the lower side. The country has a lot to offer for people coming over here for vacations too.


To get the exact population figures of Canada in 2019, the population of the past 5 years needs to analyzed and calculated. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 35.54 Million
  2. 2015 – 35.85 Million
  3. 2016 – 36.29 Million
  4. 2017 – 36.74 Million
  5. 2018 – 37.056 Million

Looking at the data figures from 2014-18, it is seen that there has been a jump of 1.516 Million in the past 5 years. Additionally, every year the population of the country goes up by 0.3032 Million. Hence, the population of Canada in the year 2019 is expected to be 37.056 Million + 0.3032 Million = 37.3592 Million. Therefore, the population of Canada in 2019 according to estimates= 37.3592 Million.

Canada Population 2019 – 37.3592 Million. (estimated)


There are a high number of people living here in Canada who have been born in a different country, particularly from Asia. In terms of the language spoken; English is the main language, followed by French, Punjabi, Italian, German and many others. Christianity is the dominant religion with almost 70% following; Muslims at 3%, Sikhs 2%, and about 24% did not have any kind of religious connection. Immigrants within Canada have played a huge part and they are about one-sixth of the entire population in the country.


Canada as a country has a population of just about 4 persons per square kilometer. The population density of the country is the lowest in the entire world, this is due to the northern part of Canada is almost uninhabited. It has one of the quickest growth rates of all the G8 Nations, growing at a much faster speed than numerous industrialized countries.

The growth rate of the country in the last few years has been on the stable side with about 1% growth. Additionally, Canada’s rapid population growth can be given credit to immigration that comes to the country.


  1. Canada can get severely cold with temperatures reaching about -15 degree Celsius in the month of January.

  2. Canada is pretty big in size. It is actually bigger than the whole of the European Union, 30% larger as compared to Australia and also 5 times bigger than Mexico. Canada is certainly one of the biggest Country by area.

  3. Canada is full of trees and holds about 10% of the world’s entire forest cover.

  4. Quebec City is a very special place as it is the solitary city in North America to have fortified walls.



Ontario is part of the 13 provinces in Canada. It is the most populated province in the country. The province is also home to Ottawa and the most populated city in Canada in the form of Toronto. Ontario leads in terms of manufacturing in Canada as it accounts for 51% of the overall national manufacturing shipments as per 2004 reports.

The majority of the population of Ontario is located in the south with the northern parts comprises cold winters and lesser population. Read more about Ontario Population 2019


Quebec province is the 2nd most populated in Canada. It has a dominant French-speaking population and also French is the official language of the Quebec province. Many industries in the form of Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace have helped Quebec in becoming an economically powerful province in Canada.

It has the largest reserves of fresh water in the entire world, having about 12% of its surface. There are four particular seasons in the form of summer, winter, autumn, spring out here. Like most of the other countries, the economy of Quebec as a province is mainly into the service sector. Read more about Quebec Population 2019


British Columbia is currently the 3rd most populated state/province in Canada. The capital of the province is Victoria and the largest city is Vancouver. It is kind of underdeveloped and because of this many mammalian species that are hard to find in the United States can be easily found here in British Columbia.

The province is also home to First Nations groups that have a long history with various indigenous languages. In terms of people from other countries, a large number of South Asians lives here in British Columbia. Read more about British Columbia Population 2019


Alberta is the fourth most crowded province and the most populated of the three prairie areas in Canada. It is one of three Canadian areas to border just a solitary U.S. state and one of just two landlocked regions. It has an overwhelmingly humid continental climate, with distinct complexities over a year; yet regular temperature average swings are smaller than in territories further east, because of winters being warmed by intermittent Chinook winds bringing in sudden warming.

The capital is Edmonton and it is the essential service center point for Canada’s crude oil and other northern resource industries. Read more about Alberta Population 2019


Manitoba is Canada’s fifth-most crowded province. Native people groups have occupied Manitoba for a great many years. In the late seventeenth century, fur dealers touched base on two noteworthy waterway frameworks, what is currently called the Nelson in northern Manitoba and in the southeast along the Winnipeg River.

Manitoba’s capital is Winnipeg and it is the eighth-biggest metropolitan zone in Canada. It has an outrageous continental climate. Temperatures and precipitation for the most part decline from south to north and increment from east to west. Read more about Manitoba Population 2019



Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and the seventh most crowded city in North America. It is the capital of Ontario. The city’s leading financial sectors incorporate business services, aviation, transportation, media, the travel industry, and sports ventures.

Toronto is likewise a noteworthy hub of advanced education and research, home to numerous schools and colleges, including the University of Toronto. It is one of the world’s most diverse cities and home to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Read more about Toronto Population 2019


Montreal is the second most populated city in Canada and an essential focal point of industry, commerce, and culture. It is the central command of the Montreal Exchange. The Port of Montreal is the biggest inland port on the planet. As a railroad center, Montreal is the central station of Canadian National Railway and was home to Canadian Pacific Railway until the year 1995. The city has a specific four-season climate with warm to sweltering summers and frosty bone-chilling winters. Montreal city is on the Island of Montreal, which got its name from an undefined source from the city, and a few considerably small periphery islands. Read more about Montreal Population 2019


Vancouver is a fascinating city for its way of life. The city has positioned high in the rankings for the most livable city for over 10 years. It is a fundamental port city used to dispatch items between Asia, Canada, and Europe. Vancouver industry additionally incorporates backwoods item, mining, biotechnology, and film. It is the third most populated city in Canada and has a lot of individuals living from Asia, especially from India and Pakistan. Vancouver city is one of the most ethnically and etymologically diverse urban areas in Canada. Read more about Vancouver Population 2019


Calgary is a well-known city in the Canadian region of Alberta. It is the major urban community for the entire southern part of the area of Alberta, and it is surrounded by a region of brilliance with an untainted, regular habitat.

The city of Calgary has reliably been perceived for its high quality of life. In 2018, a certain magazine positioned the city as the fourth most reasonable city on the planet in their Global Ranking. Calgary is also classed as a Beta global city. The economy incorporates film and TV, transportation, aviation, and tourism sectors. Read more about Calgary Population 2019


Edmonton as a city is the capital of Alberta province. It is a social, administrative and educational hub and plays host world-class celebrations throughout the year. The city of Edmonton also has the biggest shopping center in North America in the form of the West Edmonton Mall. With the oil sands close, Edmonton city is a noteworthy area for the oil and gas industry.

It is the fifth populated city in Canada. The earliest occupants landed in the region around 3,000 BC and maybe as early as 12,000 BC. Read more about Edmonton Population 2019