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population of Abbotsford 2019

Abbotsford is a city that is situated in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the biggest urban areas in British Columbia and the biggest in terms of the population all through the Fraser Valley Regional District. Its frontier progression started when the Royal Engineers pondered the zone in light of the gold rush along the Fraser River in the year 1858. This incited the working of Yale Road, the basic transportation course to interface the Fraser Valley arranged near the city.

population of Abbotsford 2019

The city of Abbotsford has an extensive variety of first-class eateries offering luxuries from everywhere throughout the world including European, Asian and African food in a substantial number of restaurants.


In terms of checking out the population of Abbotsford in 2019, we need to find out the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 – 138,000
  2. 2015 – 140,000
  3. 2016 – 141,397
  4. 2017 – 143,800
  5. 2018 – 145,536

Knowing the population of Abbotsford of 2019 requires searching the population from 2014 – 18. It has been noticed that the population of Abbotsford in the past 5 years from 2014-18 has certainly gone up by 7536.  Additionally, every year the population of Abbotsford increases by 1507.2. Hence, the population of Abbotsford in 2019 is expected to be 145,536 + 1507.2 = 147,043.2. So, the population of Abbotsford in 2019 according to estimates = 147,043.2.

Abbotsford Population 2019 –147,043.2 (estimated).


The biggest ethnic gathering is European Caucasians, including around 74% of the population in the city. This merges German and Slavic ethnic origins. The other biggest ethnic gathering is of the South Asian’s, containing 19.1% of the population of Abbotsford. Aboriginals comprise 3% of the majority (which includes indigenous people from different parts of Canada and furthermore the United States) and Chinese at 1.7%.

The city has one of the biggest populations of noticeable minorities in Canada, just falling beneath Toronto and Vancouver.


The population density of Abbotsford is 355.5 people per square kilometer. While Abbotsford experienced superior to expected advancement, it was not the fastest developing city in the territory around the time of 2010-12. As per reports, the population increased by 5.6% from the earlier years.

The city has been developing rapidly in regards to population and when in comparison to prior years it has gone a notch up in the number of people moving to Abbotsford. The population growth rate of the city is practically identical to Canada’s growth rate. In the year 2011 the population of the city was had a masses of 133,497 and persistently the number of local people in the city is growing at an adequate rate.

The clarification behind a superior to adequately average growth rate isn’t a direct result of people moving to Abbotsford yet furthermore in view of high birth rates in the city. The city has a good number of Latin American and Asian population, especially Indians and Pakistanis. From 1991 to the year 2001 there was a 51% population increment. The median age of the city is roughly 37.5 years, which is younger than that of British Columbia.


  1. The flag of the city of Abbotsford depends on the pinnacle and includes the Royal Union.

  2. The primary people of the city were the Shuswap’s. They used to live here to take the benefits given by the sea to Abbotsford.

  3. Fraser River is accepted to be the longest conduit in the locale.

  4. Abbotsford as a city has access to both provincial settings and also current day facilities.

  5. It has the most minimal utility charges between its neighboring local of Mission and Langley which helps the relationship with their base area.

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