Canada Population 2019

population of British Columbia 2019

British Columbia is a province in Canada on the west coast that is thought to be under the Pacific Northwest, alongside US states Washington as well as Oregon. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria and it is named after the British Queen in the year 1858. Moreover, the biggest city in British Columbia in Vancouver. The northern regions have a subarctic climate yet the waterfront territories are by and large milder.

population of British Columbia 2019

The name of British Columbia was picked in 1858 by individuals from the Hudson’s Bay Company. Likewise, around 1871 it became the 6th territory of Canada. British Columbia as a province comprises of numerous places of attractions with its stunning and enchanting views. Every year there is a large number of tourists visiting British Columbia.


In terms of checking out the population of British Columbia in 2019, we need to know the population of the previous 5 years. They are as per the following:

    1. 2014 – 4.631 Million
    2. 2015 – 4.68 Million
    3. 2016 – 4.707 Million
    4. 2017 – 4.7284 Million
    5. 2018 –  4.75208 Million

Getting the population of British Columbia of 2019 requires checking the population from 2014 – 18. It has been seen that the population of British Columbia in the past 5 years from 2014-18 has gone up by 0.12108 Million.  Additionally, every year the population of British Columbia increases by 0.024216 Million. Hence, the population of British Columbia in 2019 is estimated to be 4.75208 Million + 0.024216 Million = 4.776296 Million. So, the population of British Columbia in 2019 as per estimates = 4.776296 Million.

British Columbia Population 2019 –4.776296 Million. (estimated).


Asians comprise of around 20.2% of the aggregate population in British Columbia and are by a long shot the biggest minority gathering, having a conventional number of Japanese and Korean individuals. Also present in huge numbers with respect to the different region of Canada are different European population of the first and second-time span, generally including Germans and Italians.


The population density of British Columbia is 4.5 people per square kilometer. The population growth is essentially connected with abroad migration or as it was known as relocation. British Columbia has 4.7 million individuals by and large. Under the most insignificant development condition, the region would see 600,000 more individuals by 2038. Under the most elevated situation, in excess of two million extra British Columbia individuals would be amassed in Metro Vancouver.

The population is going at a faster rate than the national average, as appeared by the most recent enrollment data information. The population of British Columbia is at present more than Alberta. In the earlier years, relocation was mainly from Scotland and Northern England, particularly North East England and has prompted a decent population growth of British Columbia.


  1. Baywatch Star, Pamela Anderson was referred to as Canada’s Centennial Baby, as she was the first ever baby girl in the country on its 100th birthday festivity. Pamela was basically born in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

  2. The longest conduit out here is the Fraser and it is around 1,399 km.

  3. The Spirit Bear was actually named after Francis Kermode, a laborer who was among the first to find the creature.

  4. British Columbia is home to the longest-running film theater in Canada, which is known as Powell River’s Patricia Theater, working since 1913.

  5. Around one million birds use the Pacific Flyway, a transient way that goes from Alaska to Patagonia and crosses British Columbia, where Boundary Bay has been named an Important Bird Area.

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