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population of Prince Edward Island 2019

Prince Edward Island is fundamentally a province in Canada comprising the island of a similar name, and a few substantially smaller islands. It is one of the three Maritime Provinces. Prince Edward Island turned into a British colony in the 1700s and was unified into Canada as a province in the year 1873. The capital of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown. The main thrust of the economy is cultivating and it delivers around 25% of the country’s potatoes.

population of Prince Edward Island 2019

The climate is thought to be direct and emphatically impacted by the encompassing seas with winters being extremely on the colder side. Additionally, there are numerous attractions to check out in Prince Edward Island and it is certainly mesmerizing. The province also has a sizeable number of Asians living out here in great numbers.


To know about the population of Prince Edward Island in 2019, we need to check out the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 – 132,907
  2. 2015 – 137,707
  3. 2016 –142,907
  4. 2017 –149,383
  5. 2018 – 156,183

Finding out the population of Prince Edward Island in 2019 requires knowing the population from 2014 – 18. It has been seen that the population of Prince Edward Island in the last 5 years from 2014-18 has incremented by 18,476.  Additionally, every year the population of Prince Edward Island increases by 3695.2. Hence, the population of Prince Edward Island in 2019 is expected to be 156,183 + 3695.2 = 159,878.2. So, the population of Prince Edward Island according to estimates in 2019 = 159,878.2.

Prince Edward Island Population 2019 –159,878.2 (estimated).


As appeared by the 2011 Survey, the biggest ethnic group contains individuals of Scotland at 39%, Ireland 31%, England 29%, France 19%, and Netherlands 4%. The population is mostly white and there are some different minorities too in numbers. Chinese Canadians are the biggest minority gatherings, containing 1.3% of the population of Prince Edward Island.


The population density of Prince Edward Island is 24.7 people per square kilometer. Migration is one reason that gave Prince Edward Island the most astounding population growth rate in Atlantic Canada in the latest decade and kept the locale all things considered youthful. It has moreover changed the substance of the Island. Similar to the Western world, Prince Edward Island is going up against the issue of a growing population. This issue is intense since different youngsters are leaving, while older individuals are moving into the Island.

Over the prior decade, the Island has lost in excess of 6,500 individuals under 45 years old to relocation. Amidst that equivalent period, it has expanded more 1,400 individuals who have passed their 45th birthday. Currently, the population growth rate of the province is kind of average but in recent years, the population growth rate will improve with more number of people moving in here.


  1. The Legislative Assembly in Prince Edward Island is a 27 seat unicameral parliamentary body in charge of the approval of enactment.

  2. The flag is formed by the province’s one of a kind Coat of Arms.

  3. It is fundamentally situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the east bank of Canada.

  4. The Island is encompassed from the sedimentary bedrock of delicate, red sandstone which makes the rich red soil. The red color of the dirt is an immediate consequence of the high iron-oxide content.

  5. The imperative businesses in the locale are tourism, cultivating and fishing as well.

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