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population of Quebec City 2019

Quebec City is the capital of the locale of Quebec. In the year 2015, it had a population of about of 528,772, making it the 10th biggest city in Canada. Quebec is the city’s real name in both English as well as French; even afterward that Quebec City is regularly utilized especially to see the city from the territory. The city of Quebec is actually one of the oldest European settlements in the whole of North America. While a significant number of the urban areas in Latin America date from the sixteenth century, among urban cities in Canada and the U.S., few were made earlier as compared to Quebec City.

population of Quebec City 2019

Quebec City is home to over a hundred gardens and parks, which offer certain attractions like bird watching, climbing or even kayaking. Additionally, one of the main attractions in the city is the Battlefields Park and numerous locals and tourists flock in here.


To check out the population of Quebec City in 2019, we need to know the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 – 525,968
  2. 2015 – 528,772
  3. 2016 – 531,902
  4. 2017 – 528,414
  5. 2018 – 531,416

In order to find out the population of Quebec City in 2019, we require the population from 2014 – 18. It has been noticed that the population of Quebec City in the last 5 years from 2014-18 has incremented by 5448.  Additionally, every year the population of Quebec City increases by 1089.6. Hence, the population of Quebec City in the year 2019 is estimated to be 531,416 + 1089.6 = 532,505.6. So, the population of Quebec City in 2019 according to estimates = 532,505.6.

Quebec City Population 2019 –147,043.2 (estimated).


Most of the city inhabitants are French speakers. The English speaking individuals topped in relative terms amidst the 1860’s, when 40% of its population was Anglophone. Currently, Anglophones comprise 1.5% of the number of people in the city and its metropolitan zone. As per statistics, 95% of its masses speak French as their local tongue. In like way, more than 33% of city inhabitants can talk both French and English. In 2001, 13% of the population in the city was of retirement age of 65. The typical age is 39.5 years old contrasted with 37.6 years old for Canada.


The population density of Quebec City is 1,137.7 people per square kilometer. The population growth of the city has dropped on an exceptionally fundamental level all through late years, as exhibited by Quebec’s present data records. In 2012, around 55,000 individuals moved to Quebec City. The population growth of the city of Quebec has been on the slower side from the prior years and that has impacted the city in various ways.


  1. Quebec City was the central command of numerous assaults against New England amid the four French and Indian Wars. In the last war, the French and Indian War, the city was controlled by the British in 1759 and held until the finish of the war in 1763. It was the site of three fights amid Seven Years War.

  2. The provincial government is the biggest employer in Quebec City.

  3. There are about 37 National Historic Sites of Canada around the city.

  4. More than 95% of the population imparts in French. Regardless, more than 33% of the population in Quebec City can talk both English and French.

  5. Eating is one of the different pleasures over here. The New York Times gives out five not to be missed eateries in their review in Quebec City.

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